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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joymems?

Joymems reminds us of our joyful memories by showing us our personal photos on every new tab. It is build as a Chrome extension.

Why Joymems?

We take photos of special moments and loved ones. Joymems bring you those special moments throughout your day. Sit back and enjoy your joyful memories.

Is Joymems free?


How does it work?

Joymems is an app that runs inside your browser(Chrome extension). Once installed,it connects to your Google Photos account and let you select your favorite albums. It will then shows a random photo every time you open a new tab.

How do you chose which photos to show me?

On every new tab we choose a random photo from the albums you selected.

How can I change the albums I want to see?

Open a new tab,press the settings button and then choose "Select albums".

How do I get started with Google Photos?

Go to

How can I create albums in google photos?

Check out Google guide for creating albums.

Where can I get more information about Google Photos?

You might find the following Google links useful:
Introducing Google Photos video.
Uploading photos support page.

Can you see my pictures?

Your privacy is very important for us. The extension is designed in such a way that your browser takes the photos directly from Google. Refer to our legal pagefor more information.

Is it private?

Absolutely,other users cannot see your photos unless you share share the photos or albums.

Why did you start this?

Initially we thought about people that suffer from memory loss and in what ways we can help them. Then when we actually built it we saw that many people like to see their family photos this way.

Can I use my Facebook or Instagram photos?

Currently Joymems works with Google Photos. Expect new features in the future;)

What browsers do you support?

We currently support Google Chrome(Windows,Mac,Linux).

I am having technical difficulties,what should I do?

Please contact us and let us know. We make our best effort to deal with any technical issue.

I have a suggestion for you. Can we talk?

Sure,we’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line here.

How do I start?

Simply click "Add to Chrome" on Joymems homepage.