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About us

What’s Joymems

We love photos. They inspire us and tell our story. That’s why we take photos all the time. Lots of them. We upload them to the cloud so they are always available.

Then what? How often do we see our photos?

Let’s unlock our joyful memories and stories.

Meet Joymems. A new way to enjoy your best memories and moments - everyday!

Install Joymems and see your photos every time you open a new browser tab. New tab new photo.

Rediscover joyful memories

Getting started is easy:

  1. Install Joymems on Google Chrome.
  2. In just a few seconds,Joymems will guide you through connecting to your Google account and selecting your own favorite photo albums.

That’s it!Each time you open a new Chrome tab you’ll get a new photo from the albums you selected.

Don’t use Google Photos yet? No worries!Joymems will show you beautiful hand picked photos of places,nature,animals and more.

Feel free to drop us a line.